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  • 28 Sep 2011 8:43 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
    Blog by Leah Turner of Turner Time Consulting

    OK, I must admit, Time Management is not the most exciting topic to discuss in a blog. We are all adults, and basically we should know how to manage our time, right? We all know about the Stephen Covey - Franklin Quest systems. And we all know that if we don’t manage our time, our time will manage us, blah, blah, blah. So, what the heck am I doing writing a blog about boring old time management? Well, I want to change the way we look at time management and make it Sexy, Fun, and Exciting!! Impossible, you say? Well, give me a moment of your precious TIME and let’s see if I can change your mind!

    When I left the comforts of the corporate world several years ago to start my own business, I had to make a shift in the way I looked at and managed my time. I used to do exactly what we are all told to do; I would make a list of everything I needed to do, prioritize that list, and then schedule each task into my day. Once a task was complete, I happily CHECKED it off the list and moved on to the next item.

    Efficient, but boring! So, when I started my own business, I realized this system just wasn’t working for me. Why not, you ask? Well, when you own your own business the phrase ‘Time is MONEY’ takes on a whole new meaning!

    You see, it is not so much about completing a specific task in order to check it off your list as it is about building your business, your referral base, and your revenues.  Here are three time management tips:

    1. ASSIGN A DOLLAR VALUE TO YOUR TIME: This was probably the single most important step I made in my new sexy, fun, exciting Time Management program.  Let me explain….let’s say you want to gross $100,000 in one year. That breaks down to $8,333 per month, or $2083 per week (based on a 40 hour work week), or $52.08 per hour.

    So, basically, every hour during your workday is worth $52.08. So, how is that best utilized? Is meeting with a vendor you KNOW you are never going to use worth your time or would that time be better spent asking them to send you over their information via e-mail? Do you really need to have that 45 phone conversation with your friend at 3 pm in the afternoon? (Not unless he or she is paying you for it!). Is it really worth your $52.08 per hour to attend that workshop, luncheon or event?

    I have several realtor clients, and it is amazing what happens to them once they ‘get’ this concept. No longer are they spending seventeen hours schlepping potential buyers to 35 properties on a weekend! They do a much better job of pre-qualifying and determining their clients’ needs before they waste their precious time (and gas!) driving them across the city!

    2. NO LONGER DO THOSE THINGS WHICH DO NOT BENEFIT MY BOTTOM LINE: It’s ALL about the ROI (return on investment), baby!  I am a firm believer in networking, but I am a firmer believer in ROI. Take a look at your networking schedule. If you client base is new home builders, how much sense does it make to network with a group that has no builder members? None. Or, let’s say your job or business requires you to conduct or attend a lot of meetings and there is NO WAY you can avoid it. Make sure those meetings are productive. Set an agenda. Do you really need to waste the first thrity minutes of a meeting talking about who got booted off  ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

    3.  SCHEDULE TIME FOR YOU: Just as it is important for you to schedule your money-making activities, it is equally important for you to schedule your personal time. And, I promise you this, once you have put steps 1 and 2 into place, you will be amazed at the amount of additional time you will find in your day! Make  that a priority as well. After all, YOU deserve it!

    People, there are never going to be more than twenty-four hours in a day. So, it is critical that you make the best use of your time in a way that is going to be profitable and productive to you! Look at managing your time the same way you look at planning a vacation! You do the upfront research, you plan the activities you want to do, and then you DO IT and have a great time! Remember, time flies when your having fun!

    Founded by Leah Turner, Turner Time Consulting offers marketing services, business coaching and company training programs. Turner Time Consulting partners with businesses and individuals to create a 'blue print' for professional success, and then we provide the solutions to get you there.
    (407) 709-6816
  • 14 Sep 2011 5:39 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    The Votes are In: Tampa Bay Networking Group is Number One

    Tampa, FL September 7, 2011: Despite competition from some of the largest and most well- established professional networking organizations, Working Women of Tampa Bay took the top spots in the Best Leads Group and the Best Networking Event in the Best in the Biz Awards sponsored by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

    With nominations spanning a seven-county area, over sixty categories and 750 businesses; TBBJ’s Readers’ Choice Awards attracted almost 6,000 people who cast their votes for the organizations that are the most effective in developing and supporting business-to-business relationships.

    As the fastest growing network of women in the bay area, Working Women of Tampa Bay (WWOTB) just celebrated their two year anniversary in June and is 600+ members and 10,000 social media fans strong. Their goal is to help educate, motivate and inspire female professionals and women business owners.

    WWOTB has accomplished these objectives with a unique blend of contemporary and traditional networking techniques that inspire and genuinely unite their members. According to founder Jessica Rivelli, “Working Women has a solid place in the economic recovery as more women make the effort to start their own enterprises, build relationships and start strategic sponsorships. A lot of women have taken that challenge, and I believe women entrepreneurs are going to shape the new economy.”

    Hosted in a variety of Tampa Bay venues, WWOTB’s eclectic events calendar includes workshops and wine tastings, spa trips and museum visits, as well as two monthly power luncheons that feature presentations by renowned speakers and offer plenty of open networking time.

    Throughout the year, members are given the opportunity to sponsor events and donate products and services for contribution to charitable causes.

    The cost of joining WWOTB is $50 for a half-year membership or $90 for a full year. For additional information visit the website or email



  • 07 Sep 2011 11:34 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
    Taking Care of a Senior Dog
    Jennifer Fadal
    Pet Wellness & Lifestyle Expert

    You know the old saying that one human year equals seven dog years!  So, if your dog is seven years old…his body is really more like that of a 49 year old human.  What should you expect as your dog ages?  How can you better care for him so he is comfortable, pain free and happy?  

    Many people ask:  When is my dog considered old?  A good rule of thumb is to bring this discussion to the forefront when your dog is approaching his seventh year.  Keep in mind however that smaller breeds are considered adult dogs for a few more years since they typically have a longer life span.  

    A seven year old Great Dane is definitely considered a senior dog whereas a seven year old Maltese is hardly that.  Discuss your dog’s age with your vet especially if you begin to notice signs of aging.  

    Signs of aging:  Hearing loss, greying around the muzzle, decrease in appetite, blueish or cloudy look to the eyes, hair loss, decrease in energy level and an increase in water intake.

    Small lifestyle changes can make your senior pooch more comfortable.  

    Bedding: Senior dogs really like their zzz’s so a clean comfortable bed is a must.  There are many varieties of orthopedic beds out there that will take pressure off of sore muscles, joints and ligaments.  

    Food: A slight shift in dog food may be helpful as well.  If your dog has become less active, try a senior formula that offers a bit less fat and protein but more glucosamine.  The latter serves as an anti-inflammatory and can promote joint health and manage arthritic pain.  

    Supplements:  Speaking of glucosamine and chondroitin.  Try adding a supplement to your pet’s daily diet to further relieve the effects of aging joints.  Glucosamine and Chondroitin can help to reduce inflammation, therefore reducing stiffness and pain. Fish oil is also a great supplement to add.  It aids with skin and coat and is an anti-inflammatory.

    Toys- Opt for toys that are a bit softer.  As your dog ages his teeth can become more sensitive.   A softer toy will still give him a ton of fun but will be gentler on his mouth.

    Coat- Keep him clean.  Some of my clients say that their senior dog seems more smelly.  Opt for an in between bath spritz that will keep him smelling fresh!

    Fresh water-  Other recommendations are to always have fresh water for your senior.   

    Manage your expectations of what they can do physically and make sure they don’t over exert.  Especially in hot weather, monitor their outdoor activity closely.

    Senior dogs have a lot of love to give.  And if you are considering adopting a dog, you just might want to think about a dog that has a few years under their belt.  As you look into those soulful eyes, just think, potty training is taken care of, they know their manners indoor and out and they are more than happy to have you cuddle up with them for a nap!  

    © Jennifer Fadal, Jenn Fadal is a Pet Wellness & Lifestyle Expert.  She is a frequent contributor to the South Tampa Community News, BellaDOG magazine, Pet Product News International as well as other area and industry wide publications.  Jenn is the pet correspondent for Daytime, a syndicated lifestyle show on NBC and the pet correspondent for Better TV, a syndicated lifestyle show part of the Meredith network. She can also be heard on Martha Stewart Living Radio.  Jennifer owns Wag Natural Pet Market on Davis Islands and can be reached at or

  • 18 Aug 2011 5:00 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
    If You Are Not a Runner
    Debbie Voiles

    “I’m not a runner. I’d like to be, but I can’t run.”

    I get that a lot, and this, too:
    “I run a little bit, but I mostly walk; I’m not a runner.” They say that with great emphasis on the word “not,” and always follow it with an apologetic laugh.

    I remember when I was eight. The 6th graders at the bus stop seemed like grown-ups. I couldn’t imagine ever being that big, or that old, but I did get that big and that old.  Yet, it didn’t seem big or old when I got there.

    It’s that way with running. It’s all about perspective. Where you will go and what you can achieve is based largely on where you have been and what you have done. You won’t believe you can do a 5k until you have run a mile, and that is the secret to becoming a runner.  You have to start where you are today. If you are not a runner, then simply making the decision to become one is enough. The single, biggest obstacle is the mental one, believing.

    You will find it surprisingly doable if you start with only slightly more activity than what you’re doing right now. That’s Day 1 of my Very Easy, Very Gradual Beginning Running Program. Tomorrow, you will walk a mile, but every two minutes, you will run 10 steps, and that’s all the running you’ll do. In fact, that’s all the running you’ll do for each workout the first week. Then, we only bump it up to 15 steps of running at a time for the next week. This gradual progression gives your body time to adapt to your new activity level and your mind time to grasp your new identity, that of a runner.

    That’s right, on Day 3, you will wake up a runner. You will have already completed two days of the program and now it is time to start adjusting your self-concept. You can no longer repeat the “I’m not a runner” mantra. You will have completed the hardest part, making the commitment and getting started. After that, count on the sweet sensation of accomplishment to keep you going.
    When I was growing up, I dreaded the day we did the 600 yard walk/run in school. It was always a disaster for me. That’s less than half a mile, but although I was athletic, I felt crippled any time I tried to run more than a quarter mile.

    When I was in my twenties, my grandfather told me, “If you pick up a calf every day from the day it’s born, when it’s a cow, you’ll still be able to pick it up.” I’m not sure if that’s really possible (probably not) but I understood his point.

    Many years after those miserable days at P.E., with much more wisdom and 20 pounds to lose, I tried running again, but this time I did it my way. I started with just a little bit of running mixed with much more walking and over time increased the running while decreasing the walking. Turns out that was the secret. That was 34 years and over 200 races ago.

    What do you say? Today can be your Day 1.

    There’s no shame in baby steps, but standing still won’t get you anywhere.

  • 05 Aug 2011 12:35 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
    Interviewing &  Dating
    By Fleming Ford, President, SHOREforce

    So many times my clients are surprised and frustrated with a candidate that turns down a job offer.  After going through the expense and multiple, disappointing interviews, they are so thrilled to have found “THE ONE”.  So you can imagine they are simply shocked and even a little glum when the candidate declines the offer. This is when we talk about the rules of dating.

    Now for some of you it may have been a while since you last experienced the dating scene and for others it may have been as recent as last night. Regardless, the truth remains, “playing it cool” is a critical part of the dating process. How about the date that asked if we could meet his parents when we just dipped our spoon into dessert or the lovely “gentleman” that assumed we must want him to hit on us, just because we sat at the bar he was holding up.  Let’s face it, desperation is never attractive, coming on too soon or too strong is a game changer.  It’s possible, those guys may have been amazing, but we’ll never know because our personal alarm was shoutingundefined“He must be a loser to be so desperate--WARNING, WARNING, ESCAPE NOW!”

    Frequently, hiring managers have spent a lot of time and money to find a skilled, professional or simply a showered and sober candidate, so it is no surprise we can get a little over-excited to find a good one.  Dare I say it? WE too can come across as too desperate and so that our candidate thinks “WARNING, WARNING”.   They wonder, “Why is it so easy to get a job here?  Why do they want me so badly?”  So, my advice is to try “playing it cool”.   Be on time, be prepared, be interested, be friendly but most importantly, play a little hard to get, even if you have to fake it.  Remember, many Americans want what they can’t have (remember that guy that never looked your way??).

    So next time you find yourself getting excited that you have found “THE ONE”, play hard to get and make them work for it!  That’s right, bring them back for a 2nd interview, and a 3rd, tell them you have other good candidates and it’s critical you make the best decision, ask challenging interview questions, make them wonder if they are good enough and by all means do not offer them the job before dessert!

    Fleming Ford is the President of SHOREforce, which provides tools and training to Select, Hire, On-Board, Retain & Engage top talent. Give your managers the skills they need to build a top performance team.
  • 25 Jul 2011 9:28 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
    Want to stop procrastinating?
    by Kathy McDonald, productivity expert, business coach, author and speaker

    Think of something on your to-do list that you “should” do, that has been on your list long enough it’s growing mold.    

    Give yourself permission not to do it.  Yep, channel your inner slacker.  

    Now pay attention to the feelings that show up next.  This is where it gets interesting.

    One of two things will happen:
    You’ll feel relief like my client Bridget*, who realized she was sweating over something that didn’t really need to get done.  If this is your case, enjoy the energy you just released that can be channeled towards something that matters more to you.  


    You’ll feel resistance, like my client Margaret*.  She had been putting off getting another level of certification for her profession.  No matter what she tried, she couldn’t get into action.  “Great.  Don’t do it,” I prompted.  There was a long pause.  Then the discussion began.  She realized the certification was critical to her staying competitive in her field.  It meant the financial stability of her family.  We just uncovered the motivation she needed to get off the fence and get the certification done.

    What’s your motivation?

    Deciding not to do the project you’ve been avoiding will help uncover what matters enough to you to move forward.  You can always add a reward to sweeten the pot.  In addition, imagine what it will feel like to complete.  Feel that sense of relief and satisfaction in your belly and mind.  The energy you free up from completion with give you new drive to tackle the other things on your list.

    *Names are changed to protect client confidentiality.
  • 18 Jul 2011 11:51 AM | Working Women (Administrator)

    What’s the Real Scoop?

    By Chris Kuhn, Freelance Writer & Editor

    When you ask business owners to stand up and talk about themselves and their business, some have their 30-second commercial prepared and ready to roll off the tongue. For others, the phrase “deer in headlights” comes to mind. But what happens when those opportunities arise that can offer business owners a little more time, attention and exposure, such as speaking engagements, business profiles, or radio or TV interviews? As someone who frequently dons the “media hat,” I’m always fascinated to hear what entrepreneurs will focus on when telling about themselves and their products and services when given the chance to do so. They may think that they know the most compelling aspect of their biz “story” but do they really? Quite often, they don’t.

    So how do you determine what are the most compelling points of your story? There are several questions you can ask yourself to help guide you to the real story behind what you do.

    1. Why did you go into business?
      Is there a personal connection to what you’re doing? If it’s a cause, why is it so near and dear to your heart? If it involves a particular audience, what is it about this group that means so much to you? By sharing what inspired you to pursue your dream, you can inspire others, and inspiration is always compelling.
    2. What was your path like to get to where you are today?
      For some business owners, things seem to line up just perfectly but for others, there may be challenges to overcome and by sharing some of these with others, they not only gain an appreciation for your dedication but also for your fortitude and determination to beat the odds. Never underestimate the power of the underdog’s tale.
    3. What would most surprise an audience to learn about you or your business?
      As interesting as your business may be, sometimes it may be a characteristic, hobby or talent that a business owner has completely outside of what they do for a living, that will attract someone to the story. Perhaps you sell real estate for a niche market but it also turns out that you’ve won multiple triathlons. Or maybe you’re a financial planner who just so happens to have a real talent for art. In the process, we learn why you followed the professional path you did but see another side that may draw us to you as a business professional as well.
    4. What information about you or your business could benefit your audience?
      If you ask an inventor to talk about the most valuable part of their creation, you soon learn that what the innovator is most excited about isn’t always what the target market cares about. Yes, it has all of these bells and whistles, and isn’t that nice, but how does it help the customer? If however, you bring a marketer into the mix, he or she can quickly surmise that this new gadget will allow moms carpooling kids to speak their texts to friends by headset while they drive; or save them time preparing business proposals for clients with some automated voice-technology feature. We’re reminded that bells and whistles sound pretty but must know what value they offer to the customer. Stories work much the same way. Why do I want to hear from you? Is there some useful information – maybe from a personal story behind an idea or the outcome of a bad business decision – that I can learn from you? Interest me, yes, but educate me, too, and I’ll want to hear more.
    5. If you were reading a story about someone else, what would interest you enough to continue reading and can you draw parallels to these characteristics in your own life?
      We forget as we’re being storytellers that we ourselves are readers, too. No one likes to read a story they’ve heard before, yet each of us is a unique woman with very distinct experiences that have shaped who we are today. So what moves us? What compels us to go beyond that first paragraph and want to know more? As we consider what factors motivate us to read another’s story, we can take a closer look at our own life, examine our career path and ask honestly – if I were learning about how I reached where I am today, what experiences along the way and elements of my personal and professional background would make me click on “Read More”?

    Through our social media avenues, outside media outlets, speaking opportunities or even through our own marketing communications and website, we hold the key to telling the most compelling story about ourselves and our businesses. While we may not have control over how that story is told through certain channels such as traditional media or others’ blogs, we can take the reins each time we have the opportunity to share with others. The “real” story may not be what you anticipated at all, but may allow your customers and prospective clients to see a different side of you that is memorable, inspiring and a true lesson for us all.

  • 11 Jul 2011 6:26 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
    Pinkberry with Rivelli
    Article & Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz

    You never know what will transpire over the course of a visit with Jessica Rivelli but you can pretty much count on something wonderful.

    Something like the permanent smile I wear in her presence...

    Or the stories we share…

    Or the support we lend one another...

    And in this case...the Salty Caramel Pinkberrys we devoured.  Hers with milk chocolate shavings and mine with milk chocolate crunch. Both sprinkled with sea salt, which we agree took the salty caramel to the next level.

    Later we sulked after realizing we missed the caramel drizzle. Soooooo, naturally we'll have to go back. Perhaps not as frequently as WWOTB member Tracy Guida who we learned today is the "Mayor" of Pinkberry on Foursquare. But we will go back.   

    On my drive over to our midday rendezvous, Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" blared from the car stereoundefinedher powerful, expressive voice epitomizing girl power and moving me. In the moment, I was struck by how rich my life has been since finding friends among you wonderful women.
    Originally, this guest blog post was going to be an outpouring of affection for WWOTB as a whole but for now, I'll leave you with a little taste.

    My love for Working Women of Tampa Bay starts at the top (much like Heath Bar Crunch atop a Pinkberry). So this time, it's my pleasure to send Jessica Rivelli this Pinkberry kiss, for hers is a soul that deserves so much sweetness.

    ~Leslie Joy Ickowitz
    Publisher & Creative Director
    VERTICAL Tampa Bay

  • 21 Jun 2011 2:01 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
    In July, Tampa entrepreneurs will get the unusual chance to participate in a weekend of business building and pitching where real businesses are thought up and real partnerships are formed. 54 hours is all it takes to take a business from idea to pitch stage, and that is exactly what will happen at the Microsoft Corporate building July 8 – 10. Tampa is one of many Startup Weekend events that take place around the world throughout the year.
    How successful are these events? Roughly 2,450 startups have been created including Food Spotting, Zaarly, and Pocket Tales. The most common question we have been asked while planning the Tampa event is; what if I’m not technical or don’t have a business idea? This should not discourage anyone from attending the event, because businesses are  intended to offer services and make money, the sky is the limit with opportunity. Everyone has something to offer.  Startup Weekend gives attendees the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals, mingle with local startup leaders and perhaps even take a shot at learning a new skill.
    Some of the women behind Startup Weekend Tampa:
    Startup Weekend Organizer and WWOTB Member Susie Steiner is no newbie when it comes to startups. Susie has her hands in many ventures including Fido’s Laundry, an online upscale dog boutique. She is the founder of Geek is Single and operates a highly successful freight brokerage business here in Tampa.
    Co-organizer - Kim Randall is a Social Brand Strategist and serial entrepreneur. Her companies and partnerships include KiMedia Strategies LLC and Geek Is Single.

    Mentor - Linda Olson is the founder of Tampa Bay WaVE, a local nonprofit organization with a mission to enable & support high growth web startups throughout Tampa Bay.  Currently, WaVE has over 3 dozen members, one of which you may have heard of (who was recently acquired for $35 million).  She is also the founder of 3 different web ventures of her own - WOMbeat!, StudGuru and Total Web Concierge.  When she is not working on WaVE or one of her ventures, Linda is an active board member for the TBTF Foundation and an advisor to several small and mid-sized local companies.

    Mentor – Katy Richard  is a front-end web developer for Grooveshark, she has a passion for clean code, usablilty, web standards, and design of all kinds - plus an unhealthy fetish for office supplies.

    Pitch Coach – Elizabeth Colón, National Speaker Trainer and Program Manager, will coach attendees on how to pitch their ideas and startup company to investors, both technical and financial.
    Please join us and many other wonderful Working Women of Tampa Bay for the first ever Startup Weekend Tampa.  Use the code WWTB for 20% discount.

    Startup Weekend Tampa July 8-10, 2011  For more information visit

    Working Women of Tampa Bay is an official sponsor of Startup Weekend Tampa.
  • 13 Jun 2011 4:37 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Working Women of Tampa Bay will donate all proceeds from this year's Birthday Bash to the T.E.A.R.S Foundation. If you would like to donate a product/service/gift certificate, please email

    Here is more on this wonderful cause....

    In the early hours of June 29, 2010, Tampa Police Officer Jeff Kocab and his Zone Partner were murdered during a routine traffic stop. This tragedy brought with it many mixed emotions--sorrow, anger, frustration, fear, etc. It was truly a "roller coaster" ride. Five months later, after contacting various support organizations and finding no resources for parents and siblings of fallen officers, the T.E.A.R.S. Foundation was formed.

    The T.E.A.R.S Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization and was founded by Sandra Kocab (mother of Fallen Officer) and Stephanie Kocab (sister of Fallen officer) in January 2011. These two amazing and strong woman somehow found away to turn their grief and tragedy into helping others. The foundation will help provide funds for Extended Family Members of Florida Fallen Officers to attend National Police Memorial Week in Washington D.C. each May to honor and pay respect to their loved one lost in the line of duty. They have also recently taken the foundation to higher levels as well. The Kocab Ladies and The T.E.A.R.S. Foundation are joining hands with Law Enforcement Agencies all across Western and Central Florida to help educate the young youth of today on respect when it comes to our men and woman in uniform. The foundation believes that we need to help educate our communities in a whole in order to try our best to stop all the tragic murders on the true heroes that serve and protect us daily.

    This past May, both ladies had the chance to attend the Services and Ceremonies in Washington D.C. They have already made in very clear that they will be returning next year and every year to follow. They found a sense of peace with Jeff at the Wall of Fallen Officers, a feeling they have yet to find anywhere else since they lost him almost one year ago. They say it is hard to explain, that is just the inner peace they found within. Sandy and Stephanie where able to attend classes and support groups there as well and had the opportunity to meet other mothers and siblings that experienced the same tragic loss they did. Both feel that it is of the utmost importance for all that suffer the sudden tragic loss of a fallen officer be able to attend and join all others from all across America in services, ceremonies, candle light visuals and prayer as one at our Nations Capital.

    Published By: Kristin Vogt-Wilson of It's Your Home Trinity Magazine/Topaz Marketing Group, Inc.

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