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Year: 2016

1January, 2016
Jan 05 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Jan 06 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Jan 07 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Jan 08 West Pasco Coffee Connections
Jan 08 WE2: The Year of Your Dreams
Jan 12 Tampa Coffee Connections
Jan 12 Riverview Happy Hour
Jan 13 South Tampa Happy Hour
Jan 14 2016 Kick-Off Lunch: People, Passion & Profits
Jan 19 Marketing Mastermind: Planning for 2016!
Jan 20 St. Pete Ladies Night: Carmelita’s Rum Tasting
Jan 26 Marketing Mastermind: 2016 Content Marketing Strategy
Jan 27 Women's Day at The Capitol
Jan 27 Power Lunch: The Best Year Ever
Jan 28 Marketing Mastermind: 7 Steps to PR Magic
Feb 02 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Feb 03 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Feb 03 Carrollwood Coffee Connections
Feb 04 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Feb 09 Tampa Coffee Connections
Feb 09 Brandon Happy Hour
Feb 11 Workshop: Creating a Successful Networking Strategy
Feb 11 VIP Networking Reception: Beauty of the Night
Feb 12 West Pasco Coffee Connections
Feb 12 Lessons in Leadership Sponsored by C1 Bank
Feb 16 Marketing Mastermind: 360 Degree Branding
Feb 17 St. Pete Girls Night at the Spa
Feb 18 South Tampa Wine & Cheese Pairing
Feb 19 West Pasco Power Lunch: LinkedIn for Networking
Feb 23 Marketing Mastermind: Visual Marketing
Feb 24 Power Lunch: Driving Innovation
Feb 24 Clearwater Headshot Party
Feb 25 Marketing Mastermind: Intro to Basic SEO
Mar 01 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Mar 02 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Mar 02 Carrollwood Coffee Connections
Mar 03 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Mar 04 International Women's Day Lunch
Mar 07 VIP Tour: ABC Action News
Mar 07 Co-Hosted Dinner with WIC: Feminine Leadership
Mar 08 Tampa Coffee Connections
Mar 08 Riverview Happy Hour
Mar 09 PR Magic Workshop Series: Be Your Own Publicist
Mar 11 West Pasco Power Breakfast
Mar 15 Marketing Mastermind: Online Reviews
Mar 15 2016 Directory Celebration
Mar 16 Driven to Succeed: The Confidence Gap
Mar 22 Marketing Mastermind: How to Target Your Market
Mar 23 Power Lunch: Leading the Way
Mar 30 PR Magic Workshop Series: Write The Perfect Pitch
Mar 30 That Business Show Networking Mixer
Mar 31 VIP: St. Pete Networking Mixer
Apr 05 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Apr 05 Tampa Happy Hour
Apr 06 St Pete Coffee Connections
Apr 07 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Apr 07 Carrollwood Coffee Connections
Apr 08 West Pasco Coffee Connections
Apr 12 Tampa Coffee Connections
Apr 12 Brandon Happy Hour
Apr 19 Women With Impact Summit
Apr 20 PR Magic Workshop Series: Build Your Own Brand
Apr 21 VIP South Tampa Spa Night
Apr 26 WE2 Workshop: Creating a Powerful Presence on LinkedIn
Apr 26 VIP Movie Night: Mother's Day
Apr 27 Power Lunch: When To Go For It
Apr 27 Locale Market Tour and Tasting
Apr 28 Dunedin Wine & Cheese Pairing
May 03 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
May 04 St. Pete Coffee Connections
May 05 Dunedin Coffee Connections
May 05 Carrollwood Coffee Connections
May 06 Business Etiquette Lunch & Learn
May 10 Tampa Coffee Connections
May 10 Apollo Beach Happy Hour
May 13 West Pasco Power Breakfast
May 13 VIP South Tampa Breakfast
May 17 Girls Night at Epicurean Sponsored by Florida Beef Council
May 18 St. Pete Power Breakfast
May 19 Pasco Girls Night Out at the Spa
May 24 WE2 Workshop: Speak & Grow Your Business
May 26 Girls Night Out at TPC Tampa Bay
May 26 Palm Harbor Happy Hour
May 31 Driven to Succeed: Communicate with Confidence
Jun 01 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Jun 01 Birthday Bash: Lucky 7 Casino Night
Jun 02 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Jun 09 Power Lunch: Women Mean Business
Jun 09 VIP: Celebrate Summer with Chanel
Jun 10 West Pasco Coffee Connections
Jun 10 Summer Beauty Event at Neiman Marcus
Jun 14 Tampa Coffee Connections
Jun 14 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Jun 14 Apollo Beach Happy Hour
Jun 15 St. Pete Girls Night Out
Jun 17 Power Lunch: Targeting the Right Customer
Jun 21 Tampa Headshot Party
Jun 22 Sip & Shop at Kendra Scott
Jun 23 Brandon Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Jun 23 Tarpon Springs Happy Hour
Jun 28 WE2 Workshop: Personal Brand Strategy
Jun 29 Bradenton Coffee Connections
Jun 30 South Tampa Happy Hour
Jul 05 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Jul 06 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Jul 07 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Jul 08 West Pasco Power Breakfast
Jul 12 Tampa Coffee Connections
Jul 12 Riverview Happy Hour
Jul 13 VIP: Summer Spa Night
Jul 14 Women Making Waves in Tech
Jul 19 Young Women's Leadership Exchange
Jul 19 Meaningful Mentoring Mixer
Jul 20 Driven to Succeed: Leading Through Influence
Jul 21 St. Pete Happy Hour
Jul 22 Workshop: LinkedIn 201
Jul 27 Power Lunch: Success Secrets for Exceptional Service
Jul 28 Brandon Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Jul 28 North Pinellas Ladies Night Out
Jul 28 Girls Night Out: Baubles and Bubbles
Aug 02 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Aug 02 VIP Behind the Scenes: Florida Aquarium
Aug 03 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Aug 04 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Aug 09 Tampa Coffee Connections
Aug 09 Riverview Happy Hour
Aug 12 Trinity Coffee Connections
Aug 16 Belleair Coffee Connections
Aug 16 Young Women's Leadership Exchange
Aug 23 WE2 Workshop: Relationship Marketing
Aug 23 St. Pete Girls Night Out
Aug 24 Power Lunch: Women, Business & The Law
Aug 25 Brandon Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Aug 30 VIP Tour: WTSP-TV/10 News
Sep 06 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Sep 07 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Sep 08 2016 Working Women State Conference
Sep 09 West Pasco Power Breakfast
Sep 13 Tampa Coffee Connections
Sep 13 Brandon Happy Hour
Sep 14 Summer Spa Night at Aveda
Sep 15 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Sep 20 Belleair Coffee Connections
Sep 20 WE2 Workshop: Storytelling for Success
Sep 20 Young Women's Leadership Exchange
Sep 21 Safety Harbor Wine, Cheese & Art Reception
Sep 22 Brandon Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Sep 29 VIP: The Art of Beauty
Oct 04 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Oct 05 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Oct 06 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Oct 07 Power Lunch: Women Mean Business
Oct 11 Tampa Coffee Connections
Oct 11 Brandon Happy Hour
Oct 14 Trinity Coffee Connections
Oct 18 Belleair Coffee Connections
Oct 18 Young Women's Leadership Exchange
Oct 19 Driven to Succeed: Marketing Your Business
Oct 19 VIP Evening at Grey Salt
Oct 19 St. Pete Happy Hour
Oct 25 Carrollwood Coffee Connections
Oct 26 Power Lunch: Mentoring Matters
Oct 27 Brandon Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Nov 01 VIP Tour: Bay News 9
Nov 01 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Nov 02 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Nov 03 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Nov 08 Tampa Coffee Connections
Nov 09 WWOTB/BNI Networking Mixer
Nov 10 Creating a Powerful Presence on LinkedIn
Nov 10 Riverview Happy Hour
Nov 11 West Pasco Power Breakfast
Nov 15 Belleair Coffee Connections
Nov 15 Young Women's Leadership Exchange
Nov 15 St. Pete Headshot Party
Nov 16 Driven to Succeed: Attract, Hire & Retain
Nov 16 St. Pete Happy Hour
Nov 17 8th Anniversary Girls Night Out
Nov 29 WE2 Workshop: 2017 Marketing Plan
Nov 30 VIP: Holiday Mentoring Mixer
Dec 01 Dunedin Coffee Connections
Dec 01 Think Pink Holiday Shopping Boutique
Dec 06 Tampa Coffee Connections
Dec 06 Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (WE2)
Dec 07 St. Pete Coffee Connections
Dec 09 Trinity Coffee Connections
Dec 13 Belleair Coffee Connections
Dec 13 Holiday Girls Night Out
Dec 14 Driven to Succeed: 2017 Goal Setting
Dec 14 Clearwater Holiday Networking Mixer

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