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Regan Hoefle

MidTown Medical Aesthetics


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MidTown Medical Aesthetics

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The Needle or the Knife?

Everyone wants to feel confident and look their best so what keeps someone from having a treatment/procedure done? Expense, discomfort, downtime? Far and away the most common reason is the fear of looking unnatural or having an overdone result. In our celebrity and social media obsessed culture, patients seeking treatment are younger and more diverse. It’s been reported that a decade ago, the average woman sought anti-aging treatments at the average age of 47. It’s now 35.

It’s clear that the trend is toward, early intervention, less aggressive treatments with little to know downtime and at an affordable cost. “Prejuvenation” may be the fastest growing trend of all. Younger Millenials are having Botox and filler treatments in their twenties to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Selfies want Smooth!

At Midtown Medical Aesthetics, our principles are simple:

Patient safety and education above all. While there are an ever-growing number of treatments available, we choose to offer patients the most reliable and effective options.
We only recommend treatments that will produce natural looking results.
Listen and let the patient be an active participant in the process.
Establish open communication and realistic expectations.
Patients above profit. We will never “push” products or procedures on you.

We offer a full range of aesthetic treatments along with esthetician services.

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