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At Working Women of Tampa Bay we strive to keep things simple while creating a positive experience free of rules that burden and exceptions that hinder your professional growth. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions; if yours is not answered here, please email us!

What is Working Women of Tampa Bay?
Working Women of Tampa Bay, a savvy and supportive community of entrepreneurial and executive women, is the largest and most active women’s networking organization in the Tampa Bay region. Through networking and educational events, this membership-based organization brings together women with one goal in mind: fostering relationships that inspire and assist members in meeting their professional goals.

How did Working Women of Tampa Bay get started?
Jessica Rivelli, who enjoyed a career as a television news producer, founded Working Women of Tampa Bay in 2009. Prior to this, she sought networking opportunities with professional women, including philanthropy organizations and leads groups, but nothing felt right. So, she created her own group.

Starting as a monthly girls’ night out, WWTB quickly grew to offer workshops and other networking events. Not only was there no other organization like it in the region, but this was during the height of the Great Recession, and many women were seeking work and other opportunities.

By 2010, she left her journalism career to focus on WWTB full time. Today, the organization reaches hundreds of local women each month through networking and educational events, and social media.

How does Working Women of Tampa Bay stand out compared to other networking groups?
Not only is Working Women of Tampa Bay the largest network of professional women in the Tampa Bay area, it’s also the most active with more than 20 educational programs to choose from each month. These workshops are offered virtually and in person, and this emphasis on education sets Working Women of Tampa Bay apart from other organizations in the area. With a long track record of connecting professional women in the region, Working Women of Tampa Bay has hosted more than 2,000 events in just over 10 years.

What are the benefits of joining a women-only networking group?
Compared to men, women are interested in fostering more in-depth connections. This means professional women are seeking more than superficial networking experiences. Working Women of Tampa Bay creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration, and a space where women can foster stronger, deeper connections.

What type of women should join Working Women of Tampa Bay?

Working Women of Tampa Bay offers a welcoming space accepting of everyone! The organization attracts a diverse group of women representing a variety of ages, ethnicities, industries, specialties, and experiences. Its membership includes women just launching their career all the way to mature executives. Any woman interested in professional growth and who wants to connect with a tribe of women also seeking excellence for themselves is encouraged to join the organization.

What types of events does Working Women of Tampa Bay offer its members?

In addition to educational programs and workshops, Working of Women of Tampa Bay also organizes activity-based programs ranging from an evening at the spa to a round of golf. The organization creates unique and enjoyable events that feature women-owned businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

How can you become more involved with Working Women of Tampa Bay?

Not only will Working Women of Tampa Bay members meet amazing professional women from throughout the Tampa Bay region, they also have opportunities to become more engaged in the organization. Members can host and sponsor events to showcase their businesses, and they may also go on to become a Working Women Ambassador.

What is the Working Women Foundation?
The Working Women Foundation is the fundraising nonprofit arm of Working Women of Tampa Bay. The foundation supports women-owned companies by offering start-up grants to women entrepreneurs. These grants are funded through events and fundraising efforts organized by Working Women of Tampa Bay. During the last five years, the foundation has raised more than $50,000 to help more than 50 women start their businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

What does Working Women of Tampa Bay offer its members?
Working Women of Tampa Bay offers numerous opportunities to build relationships with other professional women. This schedule of events includes Happy Hours and Coffee Connections, workshops, luncheons, wine tastings, spa trips, museum visits, and other ways for members to support each other. A full schedule can be found here.

  • What additional benefits does Working Women of Tampa Bay offer its members?
  • Discounted event admission
  • Access to a members-only online directory, forum, and resources
  • Opportunities to host or sponsor Working Women of Tampa Bay events
  • Promotional opportunities in the Working Women of Tampa Bay newsletter, advertising, and swag bags
  • Special member-to-member discounts on various products and services
  • Access and inclusion in the online and printed directory
  • Advertising opportunities on Working Women of Tampa Bay website
  • Access to Working Women of Tampa Bay’s robust social media community of more than 30,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

How much does it cost to join Working Women of Tampa Bay?
Individual membership costs $75 for 6 months and $120 for a full year. Small businesses can join for $250. VIP memberships are also available for $250.

What’s the difference been annual and VIP memberships?

VIP memberships include invitations to exclusive monthly VIP events and additional discounts on specialty events.

What’s the difference between an annual membership and a small business membership?
A small business membership allows three employees of the member business to access Working Women of Tampa Bay events, the directory, and event discounts.

How do I join Working Women of Tampa Bay?
Joining Working Women of Tampa Bay is simple. Fill out a quick online application and you’ll be approved within 24 hours.

Do I have to own a business to be a member?
No. We are a diverse group of female professionals and women entrepreneurs! We welcome all women whether they work in the corporate sector or are a solopreneur or a veteran business owner.

Is Working Women of Tampa Bay an industry-exclusive organization or is everyone welcome to join?

We have a “come one, come all philosophy” that invites women to join regardless of their company or industry or franchise. There are no exclusions nor do we have one spot designated for a business type.

Can I continue to attend events as a non-member?

Yes. There are no restrictions as to how many events you may attend as a non-member; however, as a member one of the many advantages is saving $5 or more on every event.

How do I get started?
We’d love to have you experience what we are about by first attending one of our events! Just visit the calendar on the home page, click on any event and register as a non-member to meet some other extraordinary women and enjoy an amazing networking opportunity.

Do I have to be a member to advertise or sponsor an event or be a vendor at one of the expos?

Yes. One of the missions behind Working Women of Tampa Bay is to support the women-owned businesses within the group. The opportunity to showcase your business is one of the membership perks; we invite you to become a member if you are interested in advertising or sponsorship.

How do I sponsor events?
If you’re interested in advertising or sponsorship or being a vendor at one of our expos or events, email us at  for the details!

How do I share an announcement with other members?
Working Women of Tampa Bay often publicizes announcements on behalf of its members. You can also post in the member forum located in the members-only area under the "connect" tab. You can also submit an announcement to the Working Women of Tampa Bay facebook group.

What charities or initiatives does Working Women of Tampa Bay support?
Our mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire women all over the Tampa Bay area. Working Women of Tampa Bay launched it's own Foundation in 2015 to support women starting new businesses. You can learn more at We also support Dress for Success Tampa Bay.

If I registered for an event and can’t attend may I request a refund?
Yes and No. We do not offer refunds for events. However, if you email us that you can’t attend twenty-four hours before the scheduled event we can instead apply a credit toward a future event or put that credit toward your membership fees. There are no refunds on membership dues or vendor/sponsor registrations.

What is your refund policy on new and renewing memberships?

We have a no refund policy on all membership levels for both new and renewing memberships. It is the responsibility of the member to cancel any auto renew if they've elected that option in their account. 

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