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Qualifying Prospects Critical to Business Growth and Lead Conversion

08 Mar 2013 12:36 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
Guest Post by Julie Robbins-Founder IdeaWorks and IdeaActive

If you’re like me and run your own company (no matter what the size or stage of growth), you know exactly what it’s like to burn the wick at both ends to build even the tiniest bit of business momentum.

At the top of every entrepreneurs “lessons learned” list should be qualifying prospects.  This is the key to enjoying your work, building client successes and growing your business faster and more efficiently.  Qualifying relationships saves precious energy, money and our most important commodity, time!

Here’s an 8 question prospect qualification checklist that has worked well for me and can help you attract, qualify and retain the best customers and determine if a client is a good fit for you and your company model.

1)  Does this company or individual have a favorable reputation as a highly regarded company?

2)  Do they understand the value of a strategic business plan?
3)  What is their growth potential in the next 2 years?
4)   Do they have a realistic sales strategy and marketing plan and objectives?
5)  Are they principled and realistic?
6)  Do they have a budget that will allow for the proper attention and resources needed to dedicate to achieving growth and revenue goals?
7)  Do their company values mesh well with your own?
8)  Do you sense you can we work well together in long-term, close professional relationship?

Always lead with your heart, head and gut. If an opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is.  If you sense red flags of any kind, don’t ignore them. Finally, if a prospect stands for a shred of something you and your company cannot get behind; move on, as they probably are not a good fit.

Here are 26 additional questions you can use for qualifying, building rapport and handling objections.

What are some of the techniques and tactics you use to qualify new business and customers?

Julie Robbins is the founding partner of IdeaWorks and IdeaActive, a new type of Performance Management Company that designs and implements marketing roadmaps fully integrated with clients' business plans while focusing on measurable growth.  For more information connect with
Julie on LinkedIn:


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