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Ways your Show Your Thankfulness During the Holiday Season

19 Nov 2009 11:06 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

Businesses are tightening their belts during this economic climate, but it’s important to show your thankfulness and gratitude to those clients, vendors, and co-workers twho help provide you with the means to put that turkey on your table.


Here are some ideas for you to implement:

  • Holiday cards are a typical means to thank your clients and wish them a happy holiday season, but rather than sending out a stack of cards with a pre-printed signature, why not set aside some time and write a short note in each card. It will be meaningful to that individual, that you took the time to truly think of them.
  • Another option is to share the thoughtfulness and give to a cause that is close to their heart. If you have a client that runs in Race fgoody.jpgor the Cure every year, why not make a donation in her name to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
  •  To thank those loyal customers, have a special discount or offer that only they are eligible for. Also, be sure to give them last dibs before any price increases. They have been loyal to you and it’s the least you can do.
  • For those few very special clients take the time to personalize a gift for them.  For instance, if you know that Sandy is an avid golfer; give her a gift certificate to a local golf store. They will appreciate that you know them not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level
  • If you have had a great year, why not have a “Customer Appreciation” celebration. It can be as small as dinner at your location for a selected few, or a picnic at a local park, complete with food and activities.
  • However you decide to show your thankfulness, you don’t have to break the bank, just be creative. It’s true that it’s the thought that counts, so show them that you are thinking of them during this season of family and togetherness.

Staci Mandikas is an Event Designer & Planner and owner of Unique Event Design, LLC. She's been planning everything from weddings to corporate events, for more than three years. Learn more about her online.


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