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Wellness: Small Steps for Big Change

28 Jan 2010 11:39 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

Are you an incredibly busy, highly productive,  goal oriented, multi-tasking, sometimes freakishly organized, wife/mother/girlfriend, who slave drives herself to the break of dawn?  Or maybe you only wish you were.  How can you increase your energy; your vitality?  A good philosophy to consider is an oldie but a goodie.  Just take the time to consider your own wellbeing and you are well on your way.

We talked to two wellness experts, who have some sage advice for those looking to attain a better quality of life.  Their advice sheds light on a common theme.  Only making small changes, not drastic ones, is the best way to achieve your optimum self.

Suzanne Andrew specializes in Thai yoga massage provides Ayurvedic Therapy to her clients.  She also teaches yoga, and is an accomplished Reiki Master.  She says that for her, “the journey to wellness has been about stripping away all the unhealthiness (extra weight, bad habits, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts) to reveal the true me.  I do believe, at our core, we are all healthy, whole and complete.” 

So how can we embark on that journey?  She recommends “the ayurvedic advice of slowly changing habits for sustained success.  Can't do an hour of yoga every day?  No worries.  Commit to 15 minutes on your mat, or 5 minutes of stretching before getting up, or even 2 minutes of deep breathing every time you stop at a red light.  Eventually, all the good work adds up and changes your life!”  According to her, tiny changes can make a noticeable difference in your wellness.

Liz Sylves is a Wellness Counselor whose expertise is weight loss and life coaching.  We wanted to know to what extent wellness has had an impact on her.  She says that “focusing on wellness has changed my whole life.  I went from being lazy and unmotivated to driven and very motivated.  I used to be over 200 lbs and now I am 67 lbs down.  I feel I can do anything.  My body feels better, my mind is stronger, and my spirit is free.”   

How can a busy working woman can incorporate more wellness into her life?  She attests that any woman can do this very easily, “by making herself a priority and scheduling time with herself like an appointment.  This will allow her to focus on her wellness goals.” 

To celebrate how you can re-connect with yourself, we invite you to join others in the pursuit of wellness this weekend at the Working Women Wellness Expo.  Attend 3 seminars of your choice from a variety of compelling experts in the field.  Check out to find out more.

(Besides, its going to rain this weekend anyways. )

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