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Pinkberry with Rivelli

11 Jul 2011 6:26 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
Pinkberry with Rivelli
Article & Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz

You never know what will transpire over the course of a visit with Jessica Rivelli but you can pretty much count on something wonderful.

Something like the permanent smile I wear in her presence...

Or the stories we share…

Or the support we lend one another...

And in this case...the Salty Caramel Pinkberrys we devoured.  Hers with milk chocolate shavings and mine with milk chocolate crunch. Both sprinkled with sea salt, which we agree took the salty caramel to the next level.

Later we sulked after realizing we missed the caramel drizzle. Soooooo, naturally we'll have to go back. Perhaps not as frequently as WWOTB member Tracy Guida who we learned today is the "Mayor" of Pinkberry on Foursquare. But we will go back.   

On my drive over to our midday rendezvous, Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" blared from the car stereoundefinedher powerful, expressive voice epitomizing girl power and moving me. In the moment, I was struck by how rich my life has been since finding friends among you wonderful women.
Originally, this guest blog post was going to be an outpouring of affection for WWOTB as a whole but for now, I'll leave you with a little taste.

My love for Working Women of Tampa Bay starts at the top (much like Heath Bar Crunch atop a Pinkberry). So this time, it's my pleasure to send Jessica Rivelli this Pinkberry kiss, for hers is a soul that deserves so much sweetness.

~Leslie Joy Ickowitz
Publisher & Creative Director


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