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Dynamic Woman Jen McDonald's Top Ten Wish I Knew Then!

29 Aug 2019 8:13 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

Join us for our 10th anniversary celebration at the Decade of Dynamic Women dinner where we will be celebrating honoree, Jen McDonald, among other dynamic women in Tampa Bay! Learn more here!

We asked each honoree if they would share 10 things they know now they wish they knew 10 years ago. Here’s Jen’s list:

1. It is ok to hit the RESET button on your whole life. Once you have concluded through a thorough review that this is ultimately what it is needed take the 1st step. The longer you wait the more time (of everyone’s) you are wasting.

2. Trust your gut, think it through, discuss with your mentors, & take the calculated risks.

3. You can make a living doing anything. Choose what you love and you will have a more fulfilling career.

4. If you need help ask.

5. No. (Period) is an acceptable answer.

6. Timing is not as important as persistence.

7. The only person who can set your priorities is you. If you feel like someone else has control of your life it is only because you are allowing them to do so.

8. You must schedule time for your “oxygen” the moments that are the breath that fuels the fire in your soul.

9. Everyone is on their own journey. Respect their process and respect yours also.

10. Schedule management is critical.

Jen McDonald – Merchant Insurance Solutions


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