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Take a leap of faith to entrepreneurship!

16 Mar 2012 8:37 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
Blog By: Vonda White, founder and CEO of Collegiate Risk Management and Student Insurance Inc.

Recently I read an interesting article on, called “The fastest-growing job in America.” It discussed how the bad economy has taken away once-upon-a-time great jobs and how people are trying to make ends meet. They found a trend in how people are making money and surviving in this low job market.

What’s the fastest growing job in America, you ask?
That would be… the entrepreneur or in their words, the “hustler.”

That word seems a little distasteful, but a lot of Americans have to “hustle” now and work 2-3 different jobs – as much as 20% of people are deemed underemployed, or juggling multiple gigs to pay the bills since the recession started in 2007. Yes, there will always be careers and work… but probably not how it used to be. Unfortunately, you might as well forget all about pensions, retirement plans and a guarantee of 40 hours every week. And if you’re lucky, your career won’t vanish because of technology or new social trends. Like CD store clerks, bookstore owners and even newspaper journalists.
There is a fascinating dynamic reshaping of our thinking, in regards to what we do for a living. Some people will go into professions, but others are learning to become professionals or multi-skilled job creators for themselves. Yes, it can be a little scary to start your own business. Most people are afraid because they don’t want to lose the security of a paycheck or health insurance. However, the reality is that layoffs and buyouts are happening every day and the economy isn’t going to get better anytime soon.

Take a leap of faith and hustle your way to entrepreneurship!

That’s how this great nation began and that’s what America is all about! You can be and do anything. Don’t let the bad economy get you down. You can succeed even when the odds seem to be against you!

Vonda White, founder and CEO of Collegiate Risk Management and Student Insurance Inc., built two companies that serve thousands of students nationwide with student health and accident insurance and various ancillary insurance products. A highly successful entrepreneur, Ms. White has received numerous awards and much recognition for her efforts.

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