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Does Your Business Card Make An Impact?

29 Mar 2012 8:00 PM | Working Women (Administrator)
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Your business card matters. It’s like a resume. It lets people know how you feel about yourself, your business and most importantly them. Your business card gives you an opportunity to make a stellar first and lasting impression.

Here are a few ways to make sure you are making a memorable impact with your business card.

  1. It represents you. Your business card is a visual reminder of your company and most importantly you. Make it visually appealing. Use high quality graphics that are appealing to the eye. Invest in a nice heavy card stock not printing paper thickness.
  2. You can get 4,997 cards for 49 cents. Just kidding! But you can buy cards for a minimal amount of money. So, no marked out phone numbers or emails… if your information changes invest in new cards. You are worth it and so is the recipient.
  3. Never present your cards like you are in the middle of NYC’s Times Square handing them out in a wonton manner. If you respect your business card, hand it with grace and respect. Then, other people will treat it in the same manner and hopefully keep it as a reminder to build a business relationship with you in the near future.
  4. Before heading out to a networking event,know where your cards are. Put them in a place that you can easily locate in a smooth, relaxed manner. You don’t want to appear to be break-dancing or putting out a fire by patting yourself down like your clothes are on fire in search of a card.
  5. Always have some cards with you. If you say you have forgotten your card while at a networking event, it might appear as if you aren’t credible and competent.
  6. If you want to quickly and easily convert business cards into contacts. Check out and download the app. You will be able to snap a picture with the app, a business card is automatically converted into a contact. It will also show your LinkedIn profile.
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