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Workshop: Be Memorable to Generate More Referrals

  • 12 Feb 2020
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Troy University: 5201 West Kennedy Blvd. Suite 110, Tampa
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  • Signed copy of Socks to Success: Be memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals included!
  • Signed Copy of Socks to Success: Be memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals.

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YOU play a powerful part in the success of your business, by attracting new clients, keeping current clients happy so they stay clients, and inspiring your network to pass you referrals. In Socks to Success: Be Memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals, a fun and interactive presentation,

Tiffanie Kellog explores how to:

  • Be top of mind!
  • Use YOU to create a personal, memorable brand
  • Increase your recognition
  • Grow your business through referrals
  • The goal is to leverage YOU to create a great brand that sticks in people's minds.

Tiffanie Kellog entered the entrepreneurial world in 2003 and since then has enjoyed being able to help her clients MAKE MONEY, SAVE TIME, and have FUN! Since then, Tiffanie has spent her time traveling across the country helping thousands of entrepreneurs create amazing businesses and have spectacular lives – through keynote presentations, workshops, online programs, and more! 

Whether sharing her expertise (with her southern accent) on networking, referral marketing or maximizing your time, Tiffanie will knock the socks off the audience with her fun and entertaining presentations while leaving them with eTiffanies (epiphanies from Tiffanie) to help create RESULTS in their world!!!

Tiffanie shares, “My goal is to help people achieve their dreams by giving them the tools needed to make more money in less time so they can have more fun!” 

Tiffanie is the author of 4 ½ Networking Mistakes: Maximize Your Networking Efforts by Avoid Common Mistakes, Knock the Socks off Your Audience: Delivering Presentations with Power and Passion to Audiences Large and Small and Socks to Success: Be memorable! Branding to Generate More Referrals.

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