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Zoom: Think Small to Have Big Impact

  • 05 Apr 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Zoom
  • 26


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REMINDER: All of our virtual programming is recorded and available directly after the live event. If you'd like a link to the recording, just simply sign up for this event:

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your 2023 goals? This is the zoom workshop for you. Author Lisa Demmi will share tips from her new book "Think Small: The Little Book with Big Impact". Lisa will walk you through the steps on how to break your goals into bite sized pieces and then doing one thing every day to achieve success. 

Lisa Demmi is a fun, relatable, inspiring Keynote Speaker and Change Artist. She has a passion for inspiring others through her compelling stories and original art to show them that even small steps can accomplish hard things. She captivates audiences while delivering clarity on change, kindness and standing out. Audience members often say “she was speaking to my exact situation.” 

In her spare time, she does CrossFit (so laugh at her jokes…a LOT!). 

She is also literally an artist and might share a few pictures of her latest masterpieces (and she’s Cuban and Italian, so she knows people, so compliment her art…a LOT! Bears repeating here…LAUGHTER and COMPLIMENTS. I mean why not be safe, right?). 

Lisa’s mission is to inspire the world through kindness, laughter, art, and the transformational power of small acts of bravery. 

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