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Shredding a Hard Drive!!

27 Aug 2021 4:10 PM | Brandi Morris (Administrator)

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Good afternoon Jessica


For those that have always wondered, here is a step-by-step guide for electronics recycling:


Start by checking your facility and office storage for electronics that are at the end of their life.  

We can recycle any electronic device — from the most complex computers to the most basic cable box.


Get in touch with us to schedule a completely free pick-up.

You can contact us on our website here or call us at (813) 512-6998.



All hard drives are removed immediately, cataloged, and shredded by one of our 7 hard drive shredding machines. If required, we can give a certificate of destruction at no charge. 


Because we harvest and recycle the metals and components from the electronic waste, we are able to offer this service to you for no charge. We make our money by selling the raw materials extracted from the waste. 
Warm regards,

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