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Discount on Profits Seminar

02 Apr 2012 3:03 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

Can you really double profits just by asking?

How much is that number in your head?

Five figures? Six? Seven, even? 

Whatever it is, it spends more time in our heads than most of us would like.  

Annette Saldaña says the reason most women in business aren’t twice as profitable is because we don’t ask. We don’t ask for more money, we don’t ask for more opportunities. (Be honest. Can you really ask for what you want from any client or any potential partner, and be cool with the answer?) 

Learn how to ask big things of big people--fearlessly--when you register for

The BIG Audacious Requests Event with Annette Saldaña
on May 17 at 6:30pm at 
Tampa Renaissance International Plaza Hotel

 When you attend this workshop, you’ll come away with the following: 

  • How to structure and sequence a request so people naturally want to say yes--even that client or partner you can’t possibly afford to risk hearing “no” from  
  • The actual request model Annette used to raise $85,000 in one year for a nonprofit and to generate $700,000 in additional revenue for one of her clients
  • The 3 steps to assemble a request--whether you’re asking clients for what you know you’re worth, or gliding past limits by forming big partnerships with big people. 
  • How to identify your leadership style and request type--Idealist,  Commander-in-Chief, or Force of Nature--so you understand how your natural instincts affect business results. 
  • A specific plan and commitment for when, where, how, and from whom you will make your first irresistible request.

Use code: WW to save $9 on admission.

Click here for more info!

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