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    Longtime Member and Ambassador for Working Women of Tampa Bay Karen Gillman has recently authored ‘It’s Never Too Late’.  Here is an expert of the book and how to order:
    ‘It’s Never Too Late’ is my 10 year journey with weight loss surgery.  In early 2000 my weight crept to an all-time high of over 300 pounds.  My body type was medically classified as morbidly obese and I found myself going through the motions in a lifestyle I didn’t love, living in a body that was weighing me down mentally and physically. There were several indications that made me realize if I didn’t make some drastic changes, my future will never match that of what I had been dreaming of. 
    In 2004 I had gastric band (Lap-Band®) surgery which ultimately helped me combat my obesity, shed and maintain a weight loss of 145 pounds and bring my BMI from a staggering 45.3 to a maintaining a normal weight BMI of 23.
    Enjoy my book, It’s Never Too Late as I share my before and after pictures, tips and tricks I learned along the way as well as personally developed. I share my top 10 products any weight loss surgery patient can’t live without, and my secret formula for steady long term weight loss.  I’m in it for life, how about you?
    Please-oh-please-oh-please…post a picture of yourself and my book on my facebook page.
    Please feel free to share on social media or by forward of this email.
    God bless,
    Karen S. Gillman

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  • 16 Mar 2015 11:22 AM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Frazier & Deeter, one of the top 60 CPA and advisory firms in the country, announced today the expansion of the firm's Women's Business Leadership Program to Nashville and Tampa. The Frazier & Deeter Women's Business Leadership Program was created in 2010 to support women business leaders in pursuing their personal and business goals. The program includes thought leadership events that the firm organizes as well as a blog series and sponsorships of organizations that support women executives or women-led businesses.

    "The Frazier & Deeter Women's Business Leadership program supports women executives and business owners by helping them share ideas, connect with their peers and learn about strategies and resources that will help them achieve their goals," said Seth McDaniel, Managing Partner at Frazier & Deeter.

    Partner LeighAnn Costley, who has been a leader of Frazier & Deeter’s program since 2012, noted, "The firm is excited to expand our support of women executives and business owners to our new markets as we grow. We’ve gotten strong positive feedback from the women executives of Atlanta and we hope to have a similar impact in Nashville and Tampa Bay."

    In early 2015 Frazier & Deeter expanded the program’s thought leadership event series to Nashville. The leader of the Women's Business Leadership Program in Nashville is Tax Partner Debbie Willett.

    Willett noted, “It was amazing to see the warm reception our Women’s program received in Nashville. We look forward to helping address some of the strategic needs of women professionals and business owners as the program builds.”

    The firm has also expanded the program to Tampa, with the sponsorship of Working Women of Tampa Bay. The program in Tampa Bay will be led by Audit Senior Manager Heather Brown. The firm expects to begin offering panel events for women in the second half of this year.

    Brown noted, “As someone who has been active for many years with various women’s professional groups in the Tampa Bay area, I’m delighted our firm has chosen to invest in the women leaders of our city.”

    The cornerstone of Frazier & Deeter's Women Business Leaders thought leadership program is a series of events the firm organizes that focus on critical business leadership topics such as driving business growth and leading a successful executive team. These events feature successful women business owners and executives who share their real-world experiences with attendees.

    In addition to the events Frazier & Deeter produces, the firm sponsors programs and organizations that help women executives enhance leadership skills and drive business results. Examples include the Atlanta Dream WNBA team's Inspiring Women speaker series and LaunchPad 2x, an educational program that teaches women entrepreneurs about topics such as negotiation, intellectual property law and working with investors.

    About Frazier & Deeter
    Frazier & Deeter is a nationally recognized top 60 CPA and advisory firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm provides tailored services across a wide range of tax, audit, accounting and advisory needs to achieve each client's unique financial goals.

    Frazier & Deeter has been named the #1 Accounting Firm to Work For, the 57th largest CPA firm and one of the Fastest Growing CPA firms among the top 100 firms in the U.S. by Accounting Today magazine. Frazier & Deeter has also been named a Best of the Best CPA firm by Inside Public Accounting and a 2014 Best Firm for Women's Leadership Equity by Project MOVE.

  • 06 Mar 2015 12:54 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Are you struggling to find the financing necessary to start or grow your business?

    Attend The Florida Small Business Forum on March 24 & 25 in Tampa, and learn about all of the capital raising and financing options for your business.

    Cari Coats, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship at Rollins College has just been announced as the Keynote Speaker. Ms. Coats has an impressive background, providing advisory and business and executive coaching services that leverage her extensive professional network and executive-level management, strategy, governance, marketing, capital raising and business development experience, specifically in the sport management, entrepreneurship and social innovation, and family-held enterprise sectors.

    Visit for information, and use code “WWOTB50” to save $50 OFF the registration price.

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