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  • 23 May 2018 4:29 AM | Working Women (Administrator)
    We've outgrown our old recycling facility at 5144 Le Tourneau Circle in Tampa.  We now occupy a new warehouse at 5630 East Powhatan Avenue, just across from Hillsborough Boulevard.  Last year, Urban E Recycling recycled around 3.2 million pounds.  With our growing number of dedicated customers, we had filled the capacity of our previous facility. We see our business as always improving and that means we needed more space.  The relocation occured for several reasons that benefit both customers and our business.  We needed more space for our recycling process to take place and offices to manage day to day details.  We also wanted a location that would streamline deliveries and pickup services that would be convenient for customer drop offs.
  • 14 May 2018 5:59 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Executive Director, Neighborly Care Network

    The Neighborly Care Network is seeking an Executive Director who can increase the agency’s capacity to serve its clients and accomplish its mission of ensuring, maintaining and improving the quality of life for seniors throughout Pinellas County through the provision of life-sustaining services. Please click here to review the full position description. Please send confidential inquiries, cover letter and resume via e-mail to

    To learn more about the Neighborly Care Network, please visit

    Executive Director, Heart Gallery of Tampa

    The Heart Gallery is entering a new period of organizational growth to increase its mission of raising awareness of Tampa’s foster children who are waiting to be adopted into loving families.  As part of this exciting time, the Board of Directors is actively seeking an Executive Director and has retained Catalyst Consulting Services to facilitate this executive recruitment. Please review the position description send confidential inquiries, cover letter and resume via e-mail to

    To learn more about the Heart Gallery of Tampa, please visit

  • 03 May 2018 11:37 AM | Working Women (Administrator)

    If you are a Business Owner, Executive, Leader, Manager or Supervisor and connect with lots of employees, then you will want to attend this seriously-informative seminar!  At a minimum, your HR person should be there!

    Note: Workplace Violence is now at epidemic numbers….from incivilities to bullying to harassment to vengefulness to homicide and active shooters.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Whether you’re concerned about keeping your facility safe, or untangling and stopping dysfunctional behaviors, you’ll learn “the essentials” to reduce the risk of Workplace Violence in your workplace, and within your Team.

    This session is presented by Claire Knowles (of Lights On!) and her partners, at Nagele, Knowles and Associates. They are hosting/presenting a breakfast / info session on the above subject on Friday, May 18th in Tampa at the Kaizen Collaborative Center, starting promptly at 8:30 and ends at 10:30 am.  (Fee: $24.95)

    Note that this event is limited to 45 attendees.  PRE-Registration is required via  More information can be obtained at the Eventbrite info for this event from

  • 03 May 2018 11:27 AM | Working Women (Administrator)
    Morning breakfast and learning session on Leadership Presence, First impressions, Likability factor, Credibility, Approachability and the Secret Sauce for Savvy Leaders. 
    Presented by Claire Knowles and sponsored by Lights On!...Illuminations to Move Forward. 

    Where?  Isla del Sol Yacht and Country Club (St. Pete beaches area)
    When:    Tuesday, May 15th, from 8:30 to 10:30 

    So if you’re in the Saint Petersburg or the Beaches area, and are interested in Leadership and the Power of Presence…you’ll want to be present!

    Breakfast is free/no charge. Seating is limited to 25 and Pre-registration is required
    via For more information, and to register, see this link:

  • 30 Apr 2018 1:21 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Samantha Taylor Fitness for women is hiring!  If you or anyone you know is looking for a fulfilling career in the health and fitness field, Samantha Taylor has many openings available in her five locations:

    - Director of Operations (customer service/admin) – Palm Harbor location

    - Regional Manager – over all 5 locations and helping open 8 more in the next 2 years

    - Personal Trainers – Palm Harbor, Westchase location

    To apply send your resume to:


  • 13 Apr 2018 2:16 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Urban E Recycling is celebrating Earth Day and You are Invited

    Urban E Recycling is proud to celebrate Earth Day with the Greater Tampa Bay community for the third year in a row. This year's Earth Day Trivia event will he held at Sons of Italy Hall, 3316 West Lemon Street in Tampa from 6-10p.m.. As always, there is NO CHARGE for this event.

    There will be an open bar with beer, wine, liquor and non-alcoholic drinks. We will serve sandwiches and salads. Then the fun begins; Earth Trivia with over $2,000 worth of prizes given away that night.

    We ask that you form teams of 4 to 8 members with your organization, family or friends. If you don’t have a team, no problem. We will set you up with a potentially winning team.

    This is a community appreciation event. There is absolutely no charge for this event.
    Open Bar
    Sandwiches & Salads
    Earth Trivia with Prizes
    Family Friendly – Children Welcome

    Go to and register for this FREE event.

    Urban E Recycling
    Remember: Mother Nature doesn’t want your old computers, but we do.

  • 14 Mar 2018 1:11 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

  • 14 Jan 2018 9:30 AM | Working Women (Administrator)

  • 15 Dec 2017 3:23 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    5 Tips To Make 2018 Your Breakthrough Year

    As we glide into this holiday season and anticipate a brand-new year ahead, are you thinking about how to identify and then achieve important goals and milestones next year?  If so, check out these five tips to help you implement a breakthrough 2018!

    1.     Tap into your values

    Change doesn’t happen on its own.  So often, the changes we seek to make are related to things we think we “should” or “need to” change rather than things we truly want to change.  As Shakespeare famously said, “To thine own self be true”.  Get intentional about rediscovering who you really are at the core and let that fuel your growth in 2018.  With deeper, more compelling goals, you will be emboldened to harness your personal power to create true transformations.

    2.     Step out of your comfort zone

    Marianne Williamson boldly states, “Your playing small does not serve the world.”  For so many of us, playing small is our primary comfort zone.  We often wrap ourselves in our insecurities, self-doubt, and even guilt to keep from stepping into what might be our best selves and reaching for what is truly possible.  One step out of a comfort zone is your first step into a breakthrough year.

    3.     Invest in yourself

    Caring for “you” is far more than just eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising.  Self-care is holistic; it’s also about learning to set boundaries and better routines to manage work and life balance.  Make a list now of what you will courageously say “no” to this year and what you will say “yes” to that will make 2018 your best year yet.

    4.     Make accountability and support a priority

    One of our most crippling mistakes is not asking for help.  Help with learning and using new tools to increase self-awareness.  Help establishing a new direction for yourself based on your insights.  Help in addressing the internal and external obstacles between you and change.  And finally, help with the accountability and support most of us need in order to not only achieve, but sustain change.

    5.     Don’t forget to play

    How often do you feel stuck in a rut, worried, disimpassioned … or just plain bored?  As adults, we can get so caught up in obligations and expectations that we literally forget how to have fun.  Want to smile more, laugh more, and rekindle joy and excitement in your life?  Intentionally take time out to play.  Whether it’s physical play like sports, game night with the family, or creative pursuits like painting, playing an instrument, or dancing to your favorite tunes, play is our “get out of jail” card from the mundane.  Don’t forget to play!

    What would it mean to you to have significant progress in all of these areas?  How would that change your life in 2018?  Are you ready to step into a more powerful, meaningful, and joyful version of your life, perhaps even beyond what you thought was possible? 

    Want to turn this tip list into a reality?  We invite you to join us for our 2018 individual and small group coaching program, Intentional Transformation for Women.  Together, we’ll meet on the third Friday of the month, from 2-5pm at the Kaizen Collaborative in Tampa Westshore, and delve into topics including Change & Transition, Personal Power, Leadership & Purpose, Boundaries & Self-Care, Sustainable Transformation, the Power of Play, and more.  The monthly fee also includes a once a month, one-on-one coaching session by professionally certified coaches to deepen your learning and develop a meaningful action plan that is uniquely fulfilling to you. 

    Challenge yourself to break through the hesitation that has kept you playing small!  Schedule your discovery call via email at or sign up today at  Find your tribe of like-minded, aspiring women who desire more purpose, passion, and achievement in 2018.  Sign up by 12/31. Call a friend and sign up together for even greater savings!  For pricing information and more, visit our website.

    If you want more joy and achievement in your life with less stress, then this is your group!  Check it out today – reach out for a conversation or just take action and sign up!  We can’t wait to meet you!

    Guen Morr, PCC, CPCC and Elise Auxier, ACC, CPC

    Co-Creators, Intentional Transformation for Women

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