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  • 22 May 2020 10:58 AM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Leadership 101 Class is Now FREE!

    Troy University, a public university whose main campus is in Troy, Alabama, announced today that it will be making its class Leadership 101 available online for free to anyone.

    The course content will equip students to thrive in a post-pandemic world, regardless of where they are now in their lives and careers. It will explore personal development, leadership style and action, cultural diversity and current events, all through the lens of effective leadership. The course will be taught by some of Troy University’s most well-known faculty, including Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr., Chancellor; Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims, Dean of the College of Education; Dr. Kerry Palmer, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Dr. John Kline, Executive Director of the Institute for Leadership Development.

    “Thomas Jefferson said ‘The preservation of our democracy will require leaders of ability, integrity and vision.’ That has never been truer than in today’s world, and we believe that universities must lead that charge,” Dr. Hawkins said. “We are responsible for building the leaders of tomorrow and that is something we do not take lightly. Troy University is nationally recognized for its online education. This is a wonderful, free introduction to all that TROY has to offer.”

    The online class will be offered free of charge in two identical four-week sessions, starting on June 1 and July 1.  Students can pick the session that works best with their schedules and study at home at their own pace, which is increasingly relevant during the COVID-19 crisis.

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  • 28 Apr 2020 11:30 AM | Working Women (Administrator)
  • 06 Mar 2020 9:20 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    * VIP * Ashley Shenefelt

    Debbie Yones - Voices of Hope for Aphasia

    Angie Watts - Vacasa

    Christine Smith - Host by Design

    Lana Saba - Holcomb Kreithen Plastic Surgery & MedSpa

    Mary Ridgeway - Prior Bloomin’ Brands

    Stacy Ninan - Holcomb Kreithen Plastic Surgery & MedSpa

    Natalie Colgan

    Gina Cummings - Ackerman Jewelers

    Norma Berrios - BrightCare Consulting LLC

    Ingrid Bredenberg - Bredenberg Associates

    Abigail Burge - KDM Counseling Group

    * VIP * Wanda De Boer - RPM Realty Management LLC

    Alexandra Hernandez - A.W.E.O. Accounting Solutions, Inc.

    Jenny Holla - State Theatre

    Gargee Joglekar - Modern Design Home Interior Design

    Iryna Kononova - IK Photoart

    Berkley La Porte - RockShop Jewelry

    Sushilla Maharaj - SKM Mortgage LLC

    * VIP * Heather McMillan - Tampa Bay Wave

    Cynthia Millane

    * VIP * Julianne Nowicky

    Jenn Possick - The Ads Maven

    Danielle Redd - Lime Street Boutique
  • 21 Nov 2019 8:15 AM | Working Women (Administrator)

    *VIP* Luisa Mayer - AFC Urgent Care                   

    Rose Coleman - Optimum is Now Promotional Products               

    Eve Epstein - SoleVenture                          

    Tina Fontaine    

    Amanda Jacobson - United Way of the Suncoast

    Karen McGlashan - Infinite Health and Wellness Center

    Jessica Muroff - United Way Suncoast                     

    Gail Nursey - United Way Suncoast         

    Lauren Palmer - Amy's Day Spa 

    Nikki Pardo - Global Alliance Solutions   

    Donna Rayburn - Rayburn Business Strategies                   

    Denise Reddick - Brisk Coffee Roasters USA                      

    Natalie Thomas - Shankman Leone, P.A.              

    Kristine Hammett - Bloomin' Brands Inc                

    Regina Hardin - MyKidzMD Pediatrics      

    Christie Lopez - RockShop Jewelry           

    Nikki Pardo - Global Alliance Solutions                  

    Amanda Ryan - Weisner Insurance Network                      

    Mary Shields - Insurance and Trust       

    Melanie Velez - Midori Eco Salon & Spa                                    

    Laura White - LW Consulting Inc.

    Wendy DePaul - Political Candidate                                        

    Gayle Dicus - Pollo Tropical                         

    Faithe Estes - Tucker/Hall            

    Maria Gianfilippo - Organic Speech Therapy        

    Jennifer Jenkins - Rooted Holistic Health              

    June Kittay - Tampa Bay Bodies                                 

    Christina Paylan – Political Candidate                     

    Debby Wallace - Clarity Communications Group                  

    *VIP* Julianne Nowicky                              

    Abigail Burge - KDM Counseling Group                

    Michelene Everett - Hyde Park Event Design       

    Gargee Joglekar - Modern Design Home Interior Design                               

    Berkley La Porte - RockShop Jewelry                      

    Sushilla Maharaj - SKM Mortgage LLC                    

    Cynthia Millane                

    Jo-Anne Newby - Jo-Anne Newby, LLC.                 

    Jenn Possick - The Ads Maven  

  • 19 Nov 2019 5:10 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    At Working Women of Tampa Bay, we celebrate Women Entrepreneurship every day but November 19th is a day designated to celebrate, embrace and empower women entrepreneurs. Women Entrepreneurship Day (WED) began in 2013. Today, WED is celebrated at the United Nations and in 144 countries.

    According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are almost 12 million women-owned businesses generating nearly $2 trillion in revenue every year. Data shows that since 2007, the number of women-owned companies has grown at five times the national average, with 1000 new women-owned businesses starting every day.

    Tampa Bay often ranks in the top metro areas for women entrepreneurs in studies like one done recently by Their researchers found that 25% of small businesses in Tampa Bay are owned by women. That's not surprising. As the Founder of the largest women's networking organization in our area, I've seen the excitement and interest in female entrepreneurship steadily climb over the past 10 years. Four years ago, we launched a non-profit, the Working Women Foundation to help boost business ownership among women in Tampa Bay. Since then we've had 200 apply for seed money and we've awarded $35,000 to 50 of those applicants.

    One of those recipients, Michelle Turpeau, Founder of SocialVive Marketing shared why she thinks Tampa Bay is a great place to start a business. “I'm grateful to live in this amazing, supportive area full of opportunities and authenticity! There are so many valuable resources for minority-owned businesses like mine."

    Lori Bishop also recently opened a business. Blush Tea and Coffee has been open for about a year now in St. Petersburg. She recalled how supportive her tribe was when she shared with them her plans to open the shop. "The support was amazing, from my loved ones, neighbors, total strangers, and everyone I met through the Chamber. St Pete is incredibly supportive of local small businesses."

    Chambers play a key role in helping start-ups succeed. Ami D. Govindaraju is the Operating Partner of DryBar Tampa. She belongs to the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce which is led by female CEO: Kelly Flannery. "Tampa Bay is a diverse, growing market with a healthy environment for new businesses to launch and succeed," Govindaraju explained. "The days of the 'good ole’ boys club' is coming to an end."

    There are countless free or affordable resources for women entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay including more than a dozen chambers, SBDC, SCORE, The WAVE, STRIVE, The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship, Rising Tide Innovation Center and the list goes on.

    "Tampa offers the best combination of community and resources for female entrepreneurs to grow and support each other. The connection of a mid-size city where female leaders are accessible like Mayor Jane Castor and Rita Lowman along with big-city resources like Embarc Collective, funded by Jeff Vinik. It's truly a unique place to do business," shared Out Front Brands CEO Theo Prodromitis who recently testified in front of the Small Business Committee on Capitol Hill.

    Tampa Bay is the best of both worlds when it comes to doing business. “It’s a large metro area that has a small town feel and is incredibly supportive of small businesses like mine,” explained veteran business owner Cindy Dervech of Breezin Entertainment. Sharon Fekete AKA The Doctor Whisperer agreed. "Tampa Bay is big enough to sustain a company and small enough to stand out."

    Island Massage Therapy Owner Suzanne Andrew has been in business for more than 10 years now. Just like Working Women, she's seen quite a few changes in the landscape for small businesses. "I especially appreciate the constant influx of new people with new ideas. Living in a growing city brings lots of new opportunities, new people, new ideas every day!

    Tampa Bay has a huge military and veteran community and with that comes lots of military spouses. According to a US Chamber of Commerce study in 2017, Military spouses are often unemployed (4x the national average) and under-employed (71%) as a result of moving so often. Stacy Miller is a Partner at Bright Investments and a military spouse to a retired US Army officer. She explained "because of the challenges of military life, we've mastered resilience, creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and time management, some of the top skills needed to become an entrepreneur. So many military spouse entrepreneurs have and continue to come from Tampa Bay."

    Finally, it all comes down to connections and collaboration. Kelly Mothershead who has owned several businesses in Pasco County summed it up perfectly. "Building relationships and building up other women is something Tampa Bay does very well!"

    For those who have dreams of entrepreneurship but haven't taken the leap yet, we asked some of our members to share their advice. Here's what they had to say to celebrate this Women Entrepreneurship Day.

    "Don’t be afraid to take the risk, be prepared to put in the hours, and love what you do!" - Amy Hathcox - Amy's Day Spa in Tampa

    "Get out and meet people! There are so many organizations to be part of that you’ll be able to find your tribe in no time!” - Dr. Madalyn Turner - Atlas Chiropractic Center in St. Petersburg

    “Get a bookkeeper right away. Surround yourself with advisors who you trust for advice." - Sophie Bel - Beyond Beauty Studio in St. Petersburg

    "Find an organization that provides continued support not just during the start-up phase." Kristin McKinney - Pro Kitchen Hub in Tampa

    If you're building a business and need financial support, check out for details on our seed money program. Most of our recent donations have come directly from successful women business owners who want to give back through our Power of 100 Project --- a campaign that encourages 100 women to donate $100 in honor of our 10th anniversary.

  • 02 Sep 2019 8:30 AM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Join us for our 10th anniversary celebration at the Decade of Dynamic Women dinner where we will be celebrating honoree, Beth Kerly, among other dynamic women in Tampa Bay! Learn more here!

    We asked each honoree if they would share 10 things they know now they wish they knew 10 years ago. Here’s Beth's list:

    1. Speak up! Use your voice when you have something to say.

    2. Be intentional

    3. Be paid what your worth and don’t be afraid to demand it

    4. Working mothers are da bomb, don’t feel guilty

    5. Tell your mother you love her any why

    6. Hire a cleaning service

    7. No one can tell your story better than you

    8. Don’t think small, take action

    9. Get into an exercise routine

    10. Cut negative people out of your life, surround yourself with positivity.

    Beth Kerly – Hillsborough Community College


  • 29 Aug 2019 8:13 PM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Join us for our 10th anniversary celebration at the Decade of Dynamic Women dinner where we will be celebrating honoree, Jen McDonald, among other dynamic women in Tampa Bay! Learn more here!

    We asked each honoree if they would share 10 things they know now they wish they knew 10 years ago. Here’s Jen’s list:

    1. It is ok to hit the RESET button on your whole life. Once you have concluded through a thorough review that this is ultimately what it is needed take the 1st step. The longer you wait the more time (of everyone’s) you are wasting.

    2. Trust your gut, think it through, discuss with your mentors, & take the calculated risks.

    3. You can make a living doing anything. Choose what you love and you will have a more fulfilling career.

    4. If you need help ask.

    5. No. (Period) is an acceptable answer.

    6. Timing is not as important as persistence.

    7. The only person who can set your priorities is you. If you feel like someone else has control of your life it is only because you are allowing them to do so.

    8. You must schedule time for your “oxygen” the moments that are the breath that fuels the fire in your soul.

    9. Everyone is on their own journey. Respect their process and respect yours also.

    10. Schedule management is critical.

    Jen McDonald – Merchant Insurance Solutions


  • 28 Aug 2019 9:27 AM | Working Women (Administrator)

    Join us for our 10th anniversary celebration at the Decade of Dynamic Women dinner where we will be celebrating honoree, Kristi Campbell, among other dynamic women in Tampa Bay! Learn more here!

    We asked each honoree if they would share 10 things they know now they wish they knew 10 years ago. Here’s Kristi's list:

    LAUGH every day. Find something to laugh about or make your heart sing.

    1. “No” means not now. Have the patience, stick to the vision, amend the plan as needed, just keep fighting for what you think is important. Knock or push on every door until one opens.

    2. Listens to what feels “right” for you. So often we doubt our instincts, both good and bad. Slow down. Listen

    3. Forgive yourself. You made the best decision with the information you had at the time. Forgive. Apologize. Fix. Move on.

    4. Prepare/Plan for chaos. Change is the only thing consistent. By planning for chaos/change the normal affect of chaos lessens.

    5. Be or do what fits for you. Your passion for who you are or what you do will help define your happiness which relates to your success.

    6. Your greatest success is emotional and not financial.

    7. Faith is knowing my reality will work out in the end.

    8. Success is the momentum of multiple decisions. – Jim Collins

    9. Treat Everyone as if They are important.

    10. Share the Credit. – Pam Iorio

    Kristi Campbell – Home Instead Senior Care


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